11 British Candies That We Need In Canada STAT

Come on, guys. Sharing is caring.

Double Decker bars.


Whipped nougat and crispy cereal covered in milk chocolate.

We’ve heard rumours of crispy-nougaty-layered-deliciousness. Rumours that can’t be ignored.




Chewy fruit sweets.

These are similar to Starburst, BUT the purple ones are blackcurrent flavour. Apparently this is a common thing for purple candies in the UK. We need to try this whole blackcurrent candy thing out immediately. This is a public service announcement.


Lion bars.


Wafer, caramel, crisp cereal, and peanut butter covered in milk chocolate.

Caramel is always a fantastic addition to chocolate. This cat agrees that we should have this chocolate bar in Canada.


Sherbert Fountain.


Liquorice stick and powdered sugar.

This one is for black liquorice-lovers. Kind of like a Lick-A-Stick but with liquorice. Whatever, we’d eat it. Give it to us.





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