A Definitive Ranking Of Babyface’s Greatest Hits

Because the multi-Grammy award winning songwriter/producer is basically responsible for R&Bs golden age (and the conception of at least a third the millennial population).

“Slow Jam” – Usher ft. Monica

Because for some of us, this jam was discovered on the Space Jam soundtrack and it was one of the first love songs we ever found ourselves listening to on repeat.

Warner Sunset/Atlantic

“Seven Whole Days” – Toni Braxton

Because, from this point on no man could go seven whole days without calling his woman and expect not to hear about.

Fun Fact: All the Braxton sisters can be seen singing backup in this video (yes even a young Tamar).

LaFace Records

“Song For Mama” – Boyz II Men

Because Babyface gave us the perfect song to sing to our mamas on Mother’s Day.

Motown Records

“Rock Steady” – The Whispers

Because I guarantee you this was your grandma’s jam back in the day.

Solar/Capitol Records

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